Kelly Doll Bag - PDF Pattern - DWIPDFZS092

Kelly Doll Bag - PDF Pattern - DWIPDFZS092

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Inspired by Kelly doll bag, cute for making as a gift for a kid or her.


Pricking Iron Space:
-2.7MM French pricking iron(prepare 1 prong, 2 prongs and 5 prongs)
-3.38MM Round pricking iron(prepare 2 prongs and 5 prongs)
-Oval hole punch tool

Comprehensive Kit: To ensure every detail is perfect, we recommend purchasing the accompanying hardware kit, specifically designed to match the pattern.

Tutorial: A step-by-step free tutorial will be available based on request.

How to get PDF pattern: It's made to order. Order now and receive the PDF pattern within 10 days by email.

PDF pattern size: A4 format (suitable for home printer);A2 format

Designer's Dedication: The bag pattern has undergone at least six revisions of testing to guarantee its perfection. Created by the master wabi-sabi, aimed to deliver a well-crafted bag