How The Story Begins

Welcome to our store.

My name is Shirley. My husband Donoven and I have been developing in the leather products industry for years. In the past years, we both usually attended the fairs for market development. We help our clients bring their blueprint to life.

2020, it is an unusal year and hard for everyone. COVID-19 has spread all over the world. We are connecting together to combat against the virus. We all have been through city lockdown serveral times to make the pandemic under control. 

During the pandemic, we had more time to stay at home. I searched for leather bags online as usual, finding those bags that have been added to cart were almost removed. Is there any other pratical way to have bags appealing to me? I was thinking from then. Why not make a bag by myself? So, idea of DIY leather bag kit comes out.

DIY leather bag kit includes all the materials and tools that will be used in the making progress. What you need to do is learn how to sew the leather pieces together. I sometimes pratice Chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting. During sewing leather pieces, waving the needle looks like writing or painting, and the thread floating is like ink flying in the air. Finally, a brand name dancewithink strikes into my head.

We have started our small business. Everything is new for us to try. Currenctly most things are operated by two of us. We will take care of each order from our clients and treat you with heart. Hope all of you could be satisfied and enjoy it in your shopping. 

Hope everything will come to the normal soon! God Bless!

Thank you for supporting our small business! We appreciate love and support from each of you that will be out motivation to do better! 

Thanks again! 💖

Donoven & Shirley